This treatment is the perfect amount of time to address 1-2 regions of the body. A 30-minute massage is ideal for the treatment of headaches, neck & shoulder tension or therapeutic work on the legs.


This treatment is the perfect amount of time to reduce stress with a full body relaxation massage or address 3-4 regions of the body. A 60-minute massage is ideal for the treatment of low back/sciatic pain, hip pain & leg pain, neck & shoulder tension and headaches.


This treatment is the perfect amount of time to reduce stress, treat problem areas and address the entire body. A 90-minute massage is ideal for clients who find themselves with multiple areas of pain and discomfort. Everything in the body is inter-connected, so the greatest results are typically seen with a full-body treatment.


Prenatal massage sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes in length. During this session, I will address the most common areas of discomfort for a pregnant mother with a treatment session that is comfortable and relaxing, but also safe for both mother and child.

HEATED STONE MASSAGE | $10 additional per session

Heated stone massage is a type of massage therapy using smooth, flat, heated stones. The stones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. The stones are placed directly on the skin and moved using long strokes and circular motions.  The heat from the stones penetrate deep into the tissue promoting deep muscle relaxation, easing chronic body pain, enhancing circulation and helping the body to release toxins.


I offer packages for 60 and 90-minute massages.  Packages come in groups of 5 or 10 and may be used as frequently as you choose.  Packages can be shared with family and have no expiration date.

Five - 60 minute Sessions | $350.00Ten - 60 minute Sessions | $680.00
Five - 90 minute Sessions | $455.00Ten - 90 minute Sessions | $900.00


Gift certificates are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments and may be purchased in office or over the phone.  You can make arrangements to pick-up gift certificates in person or they can be sent via email.


* Cash
* Check
* Credit or Debit card (additional fees apply)
* HSA Cards (with doctor’s prescription)

(Please note: all prices include sales tax. Taxes can be waived with doctor’s prescription.  Credit card fees are not included)


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